Wednesday, September 30, 2009


( from left to right Bro. Benjie Dael Extension Worker, Sis. Hermie Odvina Regia president , Sis. Corazon Brizo Regia Secretary, Sis. Arsenia Paluca, Comitium Vice Pres. Sis. Aurelia Sularte Comitium President, Sis. Teresita Carbonell Comitium Secretary and Sis. Regina Cinco the Treasurer. )

It was the 20th of September third sunday of the month. The Dipolog Comitium Officers and together with their Curiae and Directly attached Praesidia Officers were happy that during their Election. The Regia Officers in Ozamis City headed by their Active President Sis. Hermenia Odvina and Sis. Corazon Brizo Secretary was there who witnessed the said election. And the following were elected.

SIS. AURELIA M. SULARTE - President 2nd Term
SIS. ARSENIA A. PALUCA - Vice President 2nd Term
SIS. TERESITA M. CARBONELL - Secretary 1st Term
SIS. REGINA P. CINCO - Treasurer 1st Term

Thursday, July 2, 2009

LOM - Dipolog Curia Biennial Congress 09

Legion of Mary Dipolog Holds Biennial Congress

On June 27, 2009, the Legio Mariae Dipolog Holy Rosary Curia and its Dipolog Comitium Directly attached Praesidia holds its Biennial Congress with the theme "Legionaries as Agents Of St. Paul's Spirituality: Evangelization, Conversion, And Mission." . The venue is at Room 2, Zamboanga del Norte Convention Center. The Moderator of the program is none other than the 100% KATOLIKONG PINOY member Bro. Benjie J. Dael.

The program gave way to the concerns and the pulse of the local Legion of Mary activities.

From Left to Right: Bro.Benjie J. Dael, Sis. Aurelia M. Sularte, Sis. Arsenia A. Paluca, Sis. Wilma S.Velasco

The Legionaries of the Dipolog Holy Rosary Curia here listening to reports

Pre-program errands lead by Bro. Benjie J. Dael.

The congress was concluded by a mass celebrated by Msgr. Emigdio T. Socias V.G, the Spiritual Director of the LOM.together with Msgr. Esteban C. Gaudicos, V.F.

For the greater glory of God in His Church!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Concilium Officers

The current Concilium Officers and their dates of election
Name of officer
Date of election
Spiritual Director Rev. Fr. Bede McGregor O.P.
President Tommy McCabe June 2008
Second Term
Vice-President Síle Ní Chochlaín July 2008
Second Term
Secretary Enda Dunleavy May 2007
Second Term
Treasurer Janet Lowthe September 2007
Second Term
Assistant Secretary
(Maria Legionis/ Website)
Ann Murray November 2006
First Term
Assistant Secretary
Household/Summer Schools)
Catherine Murphy April 2008
Second Term
Assistant Secretary
(Dublin Councils)
Liam Hayden June 2007
Second Term
Assistant Secretary
(Irish Provincial Councils)
Rose Caulfield August 2007
First Term
Assistant Secretary
(PPC and monthly bulletin)
Miriam Phelan October 2007
First Term
Assistant Treasurer
(premises legal matters/insurance)
Declan Lawlor February 2009
Second term
Assistant Treasurer
(Literature and printing)
Aileen O'Donoghue July 2008
Second Term
Assistant Treasurer
(Vexilla/international literature)
Raymond Mulrooney October 2007
Second Term